Unclutter Your Head

Spring is customarily a time of renewal and hope.  A time when everything is fresh and new and it feels like anything is possible.  Though this one is just a little different for us.  It seems this winter has been particularly difficult and full of angst both for us and for many of you.  And we definitely don’t want to go into this new season holding all of this psychic weight.

To start the season we are doing something of a variation of a more intensive ritual that we like to do at Samhain.  We are welcoming Ostara by letting go of all that internalized gunk taking up our much needed mental space.  One of the things most mundanely associated with spring is cleaning, and that is the perfect analogy for what we’re doing here.  Think of it as a sort of spring cleaning for your brain.

Because this is not one-size-fits-all witchery, we know that not all methods work with all people.  And we like to give options whenever the workings can be flexible enough to allow it.  Keeping that in mind, here is a brief list of ways to make this particular action work:

The Classics
Write it all down and then watch it burn to ash
Same as above, but bury instead of burn

Strongly picture these things leaving you/your head

Nature Immersion
Stand in the wind and feel it waft away what is unneeded
Same as above but in flowing water

Alternatives to Nature Immersion
For wind, a hand fan (paper or feather, or even mini besom)
For water, a ritual shower or bath

With focused intent of what the smoke is carrying away

As with all workings, the most important thing is intent.  Choose something from the list (or of your own devising) that will work for you.  Sit and really think of what it is that you need out of your head.  Once you have something firmly in mind, continue with the method of removal, all the while picturing and feeling these things leaving your head-space.

This should not be a large ritual, nor loads of things cleared out.  Remember to keep it relatively simple and to the point (if you find yourself rehashing whatever is bothering you, it may be that you aren’t ready to let it go).  Release only the things you are ready to let go of, not what you or others think you should.

When you are finished take a breath and a moment to re-center yourself before continuing on with your day.

And have a Blessed Ostara and Happy Vernal Equinox!


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