When Nothing is Going Right

Don’t try to fix it.

Weird and completely non-helpful advice, right?  Well, maybe not.  We all have days when we are just at the end of our ropes.  When it feels like not one damn thing in our lives is turning out like we expect.  When we’re blindsided by troubles and situations we never imagined we’d be in.  Days when we are frustrated by a bad turn of events and overwhelmed to the point of tears.

We could point you toward luck spells or prosperity charms, articles on meditation or calming videos.  We could tell you nine thousand things engineered to help you cope.  But we’re not doing that today.  Today, with all the love we can muster, we are telling you:  Don’t try to fix it.

We’re not telling you to give up.  Or to never try.  But, just for today, if what you are dealing with is not immediately life-threatening or unavoidably time sensitive, just stop.  Stop everything.  Stop worrying your problems, stop brainstorming solutions, stop burning candles, stop asking divination, stop beseeching deities.  Just stop.

Take a whole day, an afternoon, an hour, something.  Give yourself and the world around you the time to reset.  And just for this moment, don’t try to fix it.

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