A Spell to Ward Your House


Helpful when moving into a new space, on occasions when things just don’t feel quite right, or as an infrequent protective boost.

Using an elemental elixir*, paint a three inch horizontal line above windows, and a five point star above doors, chimneys, and other openings.  Begin the spell at the topmost floor of your house, and end with the door or entry that you use most often.  As you work the spell, you can chant the following to help you focus your intention.

This is my home
Here I rule
This is my space
Here you are mine
Neither harm nor hurt
Shall enter here
Now, or forever more

*To make the elemental elixir:

We’re not usually big on vagueness, but because this really needs to be specifically tailored to you, we don’t feel it’s right to dictate which specific plants or oils to use for this working.  Additionally, there is the choice of a couple of different methods; for the quick version (which is also excellent for emergencies) we like essential oils, and for the more complex herbs, fruits, or veggies.

To begin, choose four things (oils, plants, etc.) that most represent the four elements for you.  If you are doing the quick version, simply plop a few drops of each oil into a small amount of vodka, mix or shake to combine, and you are good to go.  For the more complex version, repurpose a glass jar or bottle, fill halfway with vodka, add in the plant materials, and leave to steep at least two weeks.  Strain before using.

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