Borrowing Energy from Nature


In science as well as magic we are taught that energy is everywhere.  That it never goes away, but just changes into other forms.  And here at Witchery Wednesday we’re big on the idea that the energy we use in workings should come, if not entirely from, then at least through the practitioner.  It seems like a no-brainer, right?  It has to come from somewhere when you raise it, and if I’m asking for something to happen, or change, or be called into being…then that energy has to at least, in part, come from me.  If workings are the power grid, then we are the generators, turning all of that raw energy into something capable of being harnessed.

But there are times you might find yourself needing to do something on the fly.  Maybe some unexpected event has popped up, requiring an emergency boost in health or protection.  You might find yourself exhausted from a long day or trying circumstances and unable to raise what you need.  Or you could simply be short on time to let the energy properly grow and build.  It’s in circumstances like these that we can borrow from the natural world around us.

To begin, you must first ward yourself.  And then slowly start to send tendrils of consciousness out into the world.  In your mind’s eye look for large healthy specimens, trees or meadows, green and vibrant with life.  Houseplants or similar may be used as a focus if need be, but remember that is all they are.  Don’t ever try to pull from something smaller than yourself, or in declining health (for instance a tree trying to fight a fungal infection or damaging insects).

When you find what you are looking for, keep in mind that this is a give and take situation.  You are seeking permission for a loan that will be paid back.  Remember that you are not asking for a huge outpouring, but a small spark.  Don’t be greedy.  And always thank the tree, plants, etc. for their help.

After your working is complete, and once you’ve had a chance to replenish your own energy, it’s time to give back.  This works best in a wooded area, but simply putting your hands or bare feet in grass will do in a pinch.  Connect in the same way you did before, but this time concentrate on giving back that bit of your own stored energy.  If you can manage, try to do this on a day when you don’t have much else to do, and give yourself a little time to simply commune with nature afterwards.

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