A Spell To Unmask A Foe


While we believe that you should always use your own intuition for the best time and place to perform a spell, we feel this spell is most effective when performed in the morning at first light.  Be warned, truth spells do not always act the way we want them to.  This spell will reveal the true nature of a person or situation, whether it is the truth that you want revealed or not.  Put aside prejudice for what is revealed, and cast with caution.

Small, round mirror or piece of glass.
Purified, quartz charged water.

Dip a finger in the water, and draw a counter-clockwise spiral on the mirror, tracing from the outside edge into the center.  Chant these words, concentrating on the person or situation that you are working against:

Water, wash away all lies,
Bring to light what seeks to hide.
Perfect storm of truth and justice,
Destroy all masks til none abide.

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