We Hate New Year’s Resolutions

No, really, we do.  Remember how intentions are important?  How they’re pretty much the most important thing?  How you need to have them set, and you need to be solid in what you want, and committed to what you’re willing to do to get things to happen?

New Year’s Resolutions are an excellent example of herd mentality.  Everybody does it….because everybody is doing it.  Everybody knows they’re gonna fail.  A huge percentage of people who decide to jump on the bandwagon–even if they don’t call it a resolution–start posts with “I know these never work..” or “Nobody ever keeps these” or “I don’t ever do this, buuuut”.

That’s not how we focus intention.
We all know this.

It’s bad enough when the general population does it, but it’s particularly damaging when the witchy community does.  Because we fucking know better.  Because we know that intention is vital.

Having a plan, having a goal, having an idea (but not an ideal) of what you want, and of what you need, and of what has to happen, is so vastly disparate from this bullshit concept that flipping a page on a calendar makes everything different.

You don’t need it to be “new year, new you”.  What the fuck was wrong with the you of literally three days ago?  We all change and grow, always.  But we do not do it according to specific dates and times.

Tldr: You know what we shouldn’t start the new year with?
A big blob of unfulfilled intention and unfocused energy.

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