Why We Don’t Do Love Spells

Because it’s fucking wrong.  Period.  Full stop.

Need real “reasons”?  Okay.

Truly loving someone and having them love you back changes you.  In ways you cannot begin to understand.  Good, bad, utterly ridiculous ways.  And that is something you can never fake.

Looking for adoration rather than love – it will backfire.  I am not threatening you with the rule of three or any such limitations.  I am telling you, nature does not like this and the universe will not stand for it.

I’d tell you that you can’t do love spells, but I don’t think that’s true.  I think you could.  But the love you’d attract, it is not earned.  It is not deserved.  It will not last.  The backlash though, that will.

Real love cannot be faked, it cannot be forced.

Real love is earned.


One thought on “Why We Don’t Do Love Spells

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