The Rule of What-Now?

PC220779eThrees have come up quite a bit in our posts lately.  So maybe it’s time to talk about a three we don’t like.

There is this thing that comes up a lot online.  Someone will express a statement or opinion that does not fit with the popular love & light set.  Whether it is simply something perceived as “negative”, vaguely vengeful, or gods forbid actual talk of hexing (*gasp* oh noes!) it always rubs someone wrong.

And then comes the smugly superior obligatory “I could never do that because what you put out will come back to you times three.”

Our unpopular opinion belief?  The rule of three is a fear based concept.  It is not about growth or positivity.  It’s the idea of mystical retribution without personal consequence and all packaged up in a new age wrapping of sparkles and unicorns.

If fear is all that is keeping you in check, are you really a good person?
You should want to be a better human, not fear being a bad one.

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