Triple Apple Cocktail

There is an overwhelming amount of writing out there on the history, lore, and symbolism of apples.  And it can be enough to cause you to go “Y’know what, screw it, they’re just yummy! *munch munch*”

Instead of rehashing all of that, today we are stripping it down to a very simple idea.  One of unity and connection.

Even the most solitary practitioners are connected to nature and the Universe, and through those, all of us.  This year has been a rough one for many of us, and we need these connections more than ever.

So, what is it about threes and apples?

Triple moon, triple goddess, three fates, mother, maiden, crone…
All good things come in threes.  (Well, except the ones that come in fours, fives, sixes, eights, thirteens…)
And when you cut an apple crosswise you reveal the hidden star at its heart.

Through those combined concepts, this drink, this simple working, is meant to reveal that unity that we might feel to be missing or damaged.


2 oz. Apple Cider (local, unfiltered), chilled
1 oz. Apple Brandy
4 oz. Fuji Apple Dry Soda, chilled**
Fresh sliced apple, cut crosswise

Of note, you are going to want to scale up this recipe to make a whole pitcher.  You really, really will.  It’s just that tasty.  Control that urge.  This drink is absolutely best served fresh and bubbly, and part of the magic is in the care and mixing.  Slow down, do it right.

Concentrating on your intention, add each ingredient into the glass as listed.
Then, bottoms up, y’all.  Happy Halloween!


*Whyyyy aren’t we talking Samhain today?
More on that here.

**This post is not sponsored, nor are we compensated in any way.  We just dig these brands.

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