Common Sense Witchery


While randomly perusing some witchy sites a few days ago, I ran across something that…..I just can’t let go.

It was an obviously extremely fatigued hummingbird sitting on a crystal.  And in the caption the person actually said that she found the little one in the yard and put it on the stone “to recharge” BEFORE putting it on the feeder to drink.  And I’m just, are you fucking kidding me???

People don’t always do sensible things.
We know this.
People often try to “rescue” things that they know nothing about.
We know that, too.
But, for fuck’s sake.
Rocks are awesome.  And witchy stuff works.
But if you see a starving homeless person, you don’t hand them a bible and call the situation fixed.
And you don’t give rocks to a bird in desperate need of sustenance.

Religion, spirituality, belief, is not always the answer.  At least not the first one.  If your dad has a heart attack and you feel compelled to cover him in hematite, fine.  But call the paramedics first.

We write about these things, we do them because we believe they are beneficial.  That they are things that work.  That they are real.  We unequivocally believe that magic can change the world.  But we have to work with the world in order for that to happen.  We have to stop automatically throwing stones and herbs at everything and remember that in all things, a base of common sense is key.

Actual practical magic, it’s a thing.

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