You ever have one of those days where your stress levels are already sky-high, and the world just feels too….peopley?  This working is specifically for those times when it feels like the world’s emotions are too loud and the gift of empathy is registering more like a burden.

Take meticulously cleaned pieces of hematite, amethyst, and citrine and place in a jug or jar of purified water.  Let steep a day or two before removing the stones and storing in the fridge (water will continue to be charged for up to two weeks).

When you are feeling overwhelmed on an empathic level take out this charged water, along with the chamomile, and brew a cup of tea (using whatever method you favor).  Try to make something of a relaxation ritual out of it, as you allow the fortified tea to blunt the hard edges of others emotions.

Please note:  If you are prone to a sort of emotional fragility, we highly suggest that you leave the citrine out of the mix as the combo can infuse a sense of empathic clarity that you might not be fully prepared to experience.

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