A Spell for Restful Sleep


Sleep can be a fickle friend.  Although we need it to rest our minds and our bodies, we don’t always wake as refreshed as we should.  This spell is intended to ease the path into deep, restful sleep.  It’s great for adults, and it can make a wonderful “monster away” spray for kids, too.

2 heaping tbs. dried chamomile
3 tbs. dried lavender
the peel of half an orange  (or 1 tbs. dried zest)
one quarter of a vanilla bean (or 1 tbs. of vanilla extract)
12 oz. vodka
a smallish tumbled labradorite stone
approx 1 yard of 20 gauge copper wire
large blue glass bottle (we like recycling; a clean, empty wine bottle is ideal)
a small blue glass spray bottle

Affix the labradorite to the large blue bottle with the copper wire in whatever way you wish. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, just well secured. Place all herbs in the bottle, using a paper funnel if necessary. Add the vanilla extract, and slowly pour in the vodka, giving a swirl or shake to combine. Allow to steep in a cool dry place for four weeks.

Please note, to properly activate this working, the filled bottle must set at least one night in the light of the full moon before using. (Doing this during steeping is fine.)

Give it a shake periodically (every 3-4 days) while steeping to ensure that none of the floaty bits become dried out. After the fortnight has passed, strain through a fine mesh cloth and discard the herbs. Transfer the mixture to the smaller blue spray bottle ready for use. We highly recommend that you label and date both bottles as this spell will keep potent a maximum of six months after creation.

To use:  Spray bed, sheets, pillows, or room approximately one hour before bedtime. Try not to be so overzealous as to actually dampen anything (no one wants to sleep with a face-full of vodka based tincture!), and do keep in mind that while liquid this mix is extremely flammable.

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