An Imbolc Garden Blessing

seedblessing-03There are many (so many) interpretations of Imbolc, but here at Witchery Wednesday we like to think of it as a sort of an anticipation of spring. A time to organize and plot out what we hope will come to pass in the rest of the year yet to come.

In the spirit of that, this working is meant to be preparation for your upcoming garden. Not that you must have a formal garden to do it! You could just as easily use this on a windowbox, flowerbed, or a collection of potted plants. The idea is simply a focus on growing things and a space that you claim as yours.

Arrange the three white candles into a crescent moon shape, then light them. Mirror the candles with the moss agate, carnelian, and hematite. Place the seeds in the space between. Hold both hands out, palms down, hovering a few inches above the seeds. Close your eyes and visualize your garden growing vibrant with strength and good health. Hold this image as long as feels necessary. Put the candles out, and place the seeds in a safe place until time to plant.

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