A Spell to Protect Someone Else


It can be difficult when we feel that someone we care about is in harm’s way.  But we don’t always know what we can, or should do to help.  In the same vein as our Spell to Protect Yourself, this working is meant to heighten the personal protections of that certain someone who you are worried about.

In addition to the spell components list above, you will need:  a small piece of paper, pen or pencil, and something safely non-flammable to contain the smoldering bits.

Ground and center yourself, and draw forward a small amount of energy.  Write the person’s name on the paper and place it beneath the non-flammable vessel.  Layer in the herbs and light as you would if you were smudging.  As the herbs burn down to ash, picture and hold the image of your friend or loved one as surrounded by an ever increasing glowing ring of protection.  After they have cooled, dispose of the ash (and paper) in whatever way feels right.

Please note:  this spell is intended for use on a specific individual only.  And is never to be used with the intent of “because they don’t know better” or “for their own good”.  That mentality is not okay.


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