Everything Is Meditation

Everyone has an idea of what meditation looks like.  I’m guessing right now you are picturing something like:  a person, sitting on a rug, back straight, arms relaxed, eyes closed, much stillness.  Am I close?  How about a different list:  driving, walking in the woods, sewing, knitting, chopping, stirring, watering.  If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, those are just some of the ways we like to meditate.

Most forms of meditation have guidelines for focusing on breathing or specific imagery.  These are more or less distraction techniques, ways to unconsciously give our conscious minds a break.  And in that same way of thinking, anything that is pure repetitive motion can be meditative if we approach it the right way.  It is the same reason we come up with great ideas and problem solvers while showering or driving down familiar roads.  Because in those moments our focus has both blurred and shifted, and left room for abstract thought to come forward.


Creative people tend to have a habit of too many projects going at once, too much curiosity, too many ideas all clamoring for attention.  And that is definitely something we struggle with here at Witchery Wednesday.  The energy that meshes so well with us also makes it difficult to “tune out” while sitting quietly and doing nothing.  For whatever reason, we do better with motion—whether as a distraction or a way to soothe all of those insistently tangled thoughts.

Maybe this method won’t work for you, and that’s okay.  But if you are someone that even sometimes has difficulty with finding that inner quiet and stillness required for traditional meditation…isn’t it worth trying?  If you can get into that mindset, embrace the idea that everything can be meditation, you might find it’s easier to settle and focus.  And you might just discover that everything can be magic as well.

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