A Spell To Open Doors


With the new year ahead of us, this is the time to get a clear focus on what we wish to accomplish in the coming days.  For many of us, this means setting resolutions.  But sometimes the things that we want are not entirely in our control.  This charm combines focused intention with a bit of luck, to help open doors of opportunity around us.  It should be placed above a door, particularly a door that is not often used, such as a closet or lesser used entry way.  Note that while the charm will open those doors, it is your choice to walk through them or not.

In addition to the spell components listed above you will also need twine or wire to tie the twigs together, and a glue made by combining flour and water.  The glue should be made fairly thick, more of a paste consistency, so it will pick up the dried herbs properly.  Combine the dried bay, mint, and thyme in a mortar and pestle (or herb grinder) and give it a light crushing to combine.  Add a few heavy pinches of salt to the flour and water paste (besides being vital to the spell, this is essential to help prevent mold from forming later on).  Using twine or wire, tie the three twigs into a triangle.  Coat the surface of the twigs with the paste, and sprinkle the dried herbs over the surface.  Gently press to adhere the herbs to the twigs.  Allow to dry for a few minutes, then tie the bell onto the topmost point of the triangle, so that it hangs down into the center of the charm.  Place the charm above a door, and as you do so picture a small door appearing in the center of the charm.  Enter the new year with the knowledge that for whatever goals you set, the path to their success will be open for you.

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