A Spell To Clear The Air


Light the candle, breathing deeply to ground and center.  Gather the lingering energy in the air around you and feed it to the flame.  Let the candle burn until you feel all of the energy has been consumed by the flame.  Once you have opened the path, it will continue feeding on its own.  Extinguish the candle, and enjoy the calm.

Have you every had a fight with someone, and felt like the air was heavier even after the issue was resolved?  Or been so nervous-excited for something that you just can’t sit still?  Sometimes strong emotions can linger in the air around us.  This simple spell helps clear the air, so that you can refocus and find a calm center.  This spell can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the strength of the energy.  A tea light or small votive is usually enough to do the job.

2 thoughts on “A Spell To Clear The Air

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